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Hello. I'm Sherlock Holmes, the world's only consulting detective. Ask anything and I might answer you. Ignore any sensationalized comments from my flatmate, John. He tends to be overly emotional. As does a certain Ms. Irene Adler. Mycroft, I know you're reading this. Get off my blog. Moriarty also checks up on me from time to time. At least he's fun.

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  • Wait, I at least want to know your name!

    It’s Sherlock Holmes. But DON’T come after me!

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  • … So, what’s your name?

    I’m not doing this.


    We have to deal with this. I’m John Watson and I’m your soulmate.

    No, I never wanted to meet my “soulmate.”


    Because they’d have to be a psychopath

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  • image

    You know these things aren’t always accurate.

    Yes they are!

    Ok, yes they are but there has to be some kind of mistake.

    What’s going on?!


    It seems that you and I are… 

    What? But I’m not gay! How do you know?

    Feel that?

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  • Not that is matters, since you’ve already met your soulmate.

    No I haven’t!

    Bump into anyone on the way in?

    Not anyone that I haven’t already met…

    Let me see. Oh no, this cannot be possible.


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  • I actually just wanted to see your string. You’ve been in the army, nearly got killed, and have an estranged sister. Interesting but not unique.

    Whoa, you can read strings? That’s so cool!

    That’s not what people normally say.

    What do people normally say?

    Piss off.

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  • Bit different from my day.

    "You’ve no idea."

    Um, hello.

    Can I borrow your phone?

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    Everyone is born with this little red string wrapped around their pinky, trailing off into the distance. Some are paler or brighter or thicker or thinner. Except I am the only one who can see them constantly. They tend to only be seen out of the corner of one’s eye, but I can see and feel them all, how they dance, the loops and snarls and frays from a lifetime. This is why I am a consulting matchmaker. The most accurate one in the world. I can read a person’s string like a book and predict when and where they will meet “the one.” Some believe that they can miss out on meeting “the one” because they aren’t looking hard enough while others believe fate will bring them together eventually. I just give them a push in the right direction. I cannot see the end of my own string, however. I gave up looking long ago…

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  • (ooc: we will be on in a little bit!)

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  • asktheuglyjumper:

    (Ooc: Hey guys! We were going to be on tonight but we are exhausted. So we decided that we are going to be on Tuesday from 5-8pm est because Sherlock-mun has to get up early for work. We’re doing the red string of fate AU so come say hello then!

    We love you all a lot we’re sorry we’re such trash <3


    (ooc: bad news, it is crazy weather over here right now and we don’t feel safe driving to john-mun’s right now (we’re at my place) we’re probably going to have to push this back to thursday we are so so sorry and feel super bad but we promise we are trying! we keep having such bad luck :(

    The muns)

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  • (ooc: thanks to anyone who came to see our panel on saturday at godaiko! our next con will probably be youmacon. see you then~)

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